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Team Profiles


Heres some info about every member on the team, including their backround info, experience, gear etc.
*Soon I will post additional pics of team members and extra info*

Sean "BigMac" McKay


Position: Back/Mid (Captain)
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Age: 17
Experience: 4 years
Marker: Angel 4
Air system: System X 68/45 Carbon
Barrel: DYE Boomstick duh
Loader: Halo B
Quote: "Eat, Sleep and play paintball."
Biography: Sean started playing paintball about 4 years ago after a friend took him for his first time at a birthday party. Hes been hooked ever since. Now he plays on TK with his friends and is ready to step it up to major pb tourneys. Sean Likes to hang out with his friends in his spare time and play poker. He also plays Varsity Soccer for Foothill High School

Cameron "DahMan" Fielder


Position: Front/Mid (Co-Captain)
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Age: 16
Experience: 4 years
Marker: Smart Parts Shocker
Air system: System X 45/45 Carbon
Barrel: All American
Loader: Halo B
Quote: "Everybody takes a bullet the same."
Biography: Cameron Fielder started playing pb after his teammate and friend Sean Mckay got him into it. Now four years later, Cam is ballin it up on TK and has been since the beginning. You can find Cam in on the 40 or 50 yard line rippin and bumpin constantly. In his sparetime, Cam likes to hang out with his friends and see his girlfriend. Cam is also an avid writer for his school Newspaper, The Birds Eye View at Foothill High School.  

Anton "The Chef" Cordero


Position: Mid (Co-Captain)
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Age: 16
Experience: 3 Years
Marker: Angel 4 Joy Division Fly Red to Black fade/ Custom E-orracle
Air system: Angel Air Preset low pressure
Barrel: DYE Ultralite/Titanium "the best"
Loader: Halo B
Quote: "Sucky sucky 5 dolla?"
Biography: Anton has been ballin it up ever since he went to a friends birthday party. He likes to chill with friends in his spare time and play basketball and halo. Anton hopes to go far and play in national tourneys one day.

Able "The Raptor" Goodman


Position: Back
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa
Age: 16
Experience: 3 Years
Marker: Angel 4 Joy Division/ Empire Timmy/Angel Speed
Air system: Angel Air Preset low pressure
Barrel: DYE Ultralite/Titanium "the best"
Loader: Halo B
Quote: "Dawg, if u cant step, you just cant step"
Biography:Able has been playing for 3 years and has played with his friend and teammate anton since the beginning. You can find Able in the back lockin the lanes up and lacin fools off break. He likes to skate and listen to music in his spare time. Hes also a master debator at Valley High School.

Charles "Downtime" Pappas


Position: Front
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Age: 15
Experience: 2 years
Marker: Empire Tmmy
Air system: System X 45/45 Carbon
Barrel: DYE Boomstick
Loader: Halo B
Quote: "Wheres my Todd Pod?"
Biography: Chuck just recently joined TK after a good job in Beatty on the tryout squad. He started playing after all of his friends got him into it. He likes to play aggressive and you can find him trying to do alot of run  throughs. He likes to run track and play the guitar when hes not playing paintball. 

Cody "LiLFielder"


Position: Mid
Hometown: Chino, Hills CA
Age: 14
Experience: 4 years
Marker: Dye Matrix LCD
Air system: Pure Energy 45/45 carbon
Barrel: DYE Ultralite
Loader: Halo B
Quote: "There is only one thing that can destroy an army, a Katastrophe."
Biography: You would think that LiL Fielder would just be a tag along to his brother Cam, but Cody can hold his own in his middle bunker. He started playing when his bro did and now plays for TK. In his spare time, cody likes to pole vault and play the xbox game Greg Hastings.

Brian "Doublestuff" Downing


Position: Front
Hometown: Tuscon, AZ
Age: 17
Experience: 4 years
Marker: NYX Matrix
Air system: Pure Energy 68/45 carbon
Barrel: Smart Parts Freak
Loader: Evlution 2
Quote: "Hey baby, want the double stuff?"
Biography: One of the new members of the team, Brian contributes by playing the snake or some other front bunker. His speed helps him get to his bunker without getting clipped. Brian plays varsity baseball for Silverado. In his spare time, Brian hangs out with his friends and works at Anchor Blue.


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